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The House Review

The House is one of those movies that puts certain critics like myself in a difficult position. On the one hand, it's a stupid, ridiculous and mostly disposable Summer comedy that doesn't do much to elevate the...

Baby Driver Review

Have you ever encountered a person that felt so suave and so sophisticated that it felt like the very world around them couldn't help but dance to their tune? That's pretty much Baby Driver in a nutshell. This ...

Rough Night Review

The idea behind Rough Night feels like it's built on one of those presentation-friendly concepts that you can immediately picture some writer or producer pitching to a bunch of Hollywood executives in one simpl...

Cars 3 Review

Cars has remained something of a strange anomaly among Pixar's iconic movies and movie franchises. It's one of the least well-received franchises in the Pixar catalogue, and yet somehow, Cars is a merchandising...