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Cats [2019] Review

NOTE: I was 'privileged' enough to see, "Cats" in its originally released cut, without the subsequently 'upgraded' visuals that Universal provided in a 'patch' to theatres. Yes, "Cats" is so awfully made that i...

Knives Out Review

The name, "Rian Johnson" has become rather infamous in the nerd sphere lately, after the director's very divisive blockbuster opus, Star Wars: The Last Jedi graced theatres in 2017. Despite some critics and mov...

Frozen II Review

Walt Disney Animation Studios has seen another incredible renaissance throughout the 2010's. Despite a rather extended down period through the 2000's, which saw Disney's in-house animation arm completely oversh...

Doctor Sleep Review

Among the many cinematic adaptations of Stephen King's literary works, Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film adaptation of The Shining is perhaps the most iconic and celebrated. Despite King himself apparently hating Kub...