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1-2-Switch Review

Another Nintendo hardware generation means another tie-in minigame collection to explain the company's latest hardware quirks. This represents excitement for some, cynicism for others, and overall a healthy pac...

Super Bomberman R Review

Among the many gaming icons that gamers speculated may come to Nintendo's brand new Nintendo Switch hybrid platform, Bomberman was likely not many people's first thought. The now-defunct Hudson Soft's once-cele...

Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

Paper Mario: Sticker Star easily stands as one of the most contested entries in an otherwise beloved subseries of Mario RPG's. Despite the controversy though, this wasn't enough to deter Nintendo from taking a ...

Mario Party: Star Rush Review

The Mario Party series has slowed down considerably since its heyday during the Nintendo 64 and GameCube eras, but for what it's worth, the sub-series of multiplayer-friendly Mario shenanigans has managed to ha...

For Honor Review

During the Middle Ages, war was a much more personal experience than it is now. Guns weren't available, and bombs couldn't be used to dispatch of large groups of enemies along the battlefield. Instead, swords, ...