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The Last of Us: Part II Review

In September of 2013, a fungal outbreak decimated the world and kickstarted the apocalypse. It transformed human beings into demons, which became known as Infected. These zombie-like creatures stalked, attacked...

Gears Tactics Review

When the original Gears of War first graced the Xbox 360, all the way back in 2006, it was all about tactical warfare. Punishing enemies, an emphasis on taking cover and smartly navigating the battlefield, and ...

Telling Lies Review

Full motion video gaming may not be as popular as it once was, but it's still around and is still going somewhat strong from what we've seen. We're happy that it is, too, because it gives us something unique an...

The Inner Friend Review

Gaming has expanded throughout the years, and digital distribution has been a big aide in that respect. Last generation, Xbox Live Arcade and PSN helped indie developers bring smaller games to consoles, while S...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

If you were a fan of role-playing games in the nineties, chances were that you owned a PlayStation. Sony's original console was well liked for its vast and diverse library, and was especially loved by JRPG fana...

Good Job! Review

Every once in a while, an unexpected little game drops that is full of charm and style that few before it have. Good Job! was one such shadow drop, a game that Nintendo announced in its Nintendo Direct Mini on ...