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Tell Me Why Review

Although Telltale quickly became synonymous with episodic gaming this generation, it wasn't the only developer who tried its hand at such design. In fact, DONTNOD took the format and ran with it, creating one o...

Destroy All Humans! Review

In 2005, Pandemic Studios and THQ introduced us to a quirky alien named Crypto-137. He starred in a somewhat popular, but seemingly unspectacular PlayStation 2 and original Xbox game called Destroy All Humans! ...

Maid of Sker Review

Inspiration can come in many forms, and that is true across every medium known to man. For this reason, it's always interesting to hear what's led to someone coming up with the idea for a game, movie, book, pai...

The Last of Us: Part II Review

In September of 2013, a fungal outbreak decimated the world and kickstarted the apocalypse. It transformed human beings into demons, which became known as Infected. These zombie-like creatures stalked, attacked...

Gears Tactics Review

When the original Gears of War first graced the Xbox 360, all the way back in 2006, it was all about tactical warfare. Punishing enemies, an emphasis on taking cover and smartly navigating the battlefield, and ...