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Simulacra Review

Video games come in many different forms and varieties. Some attempt to be as realistic as possible, while others take on a more fantastical, even cartoon-inspired look. It generally boils down to what type of ...

Need for Speed: Heat Review

For decades now, Need for Speed has practically been synonymous with gaming's racing genre. For so long it was the first thing that came to mind, and the most popular of all of the arcade offerings. Back then, ...

Gears 5 Review

After acquiring the Gears of War IP from Epic Games at the turn of this console generation, Microsoft groomed new studio, The Coalition to continue the series for the current-gen Xbox One, and somehow find a wa...

MediEvil (PS4) Review

The mid-to-late nineties brought with them an explosion of 3D platformers, which were all the rage once the N64 and PlayStation joined the gaming scene. We were treated to quite a few great ones throughout that...