Eggplante is very lucky to be run by some very talented people. Everyone contributes in their own way, and we’re thankful for all of them.

Christopher Kalanderopoulos founded Eggplante in 2009 as a blog that was designed to just disappear after a few musings about the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles that year. Little did he know that it would make him a full-fledged writer, covering the gaming industry, eventually leading to film and television coverage, as well as bringing on a half dozen contributors. As Editor-in-Chief, Christopher oversees content creation but leaves the creative reign to the other editors, valuing their insight and opinion on the pieces they want to write.



Brent Botsford has reviewed video games and movies for the better part of a decade. His early love affair with Nintendo shaped his mind into a knowledge base of anything to do with his two preferred forms of media. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at an early age, he squashes preconceptions of both ASD and nerdiness by being a ladies’ man, which he muses about in his comedic column The Brent Playbook. He is also a long-time contributor to Eggplante!


John Kalanderopoulos graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He has always had a passion for great storytelling, whether in video games, movies or television. He is an integral part of Eggplante and excels at providing gaming and entertainment reviews, as well as the second opinions that people want from their favourite purple vegetable!


erikaavatarErika Szabo has been writing about video games since 2009, exploring the intricacies of mainstream, indie and retro titles.  Her love affair with games started when she was six and has since escalated into a full-time freelance career. You can check out more of her work all over the interwebs, including her awesome YouTube channel! Erika joined Eggplante in 2012 and writes a biweekly segment called Retro Renegade.


Eggplante_TD_HeadShotTyson Dang is opinionated, enjoys a good laugh and is stepping into the blogging world for a second round. When he isn’t playing games, watching television shows or writing about the two, Tyson is either tweeting nonsense or playing drums with his band Red Handed Denial in their conquest to take over Toronto (and eventually the world). Keep an eye out for Tyson’s contributions on Eggplante about music, television and of course video games!


b9b8c038c6442592cd19c70911c541f0David McClam has been doing video reviews of rhythm games for over half a decade, and we’re thrilled to say that he’s a part of Eggplante! You can still find him over at his YouTube channel, Cena’s Corner, and he’ll be providing awesome videos for Eggplante on a pretty regular basis. David absorbs gaming news like a sponge and can form a quick, often detailed, opinion on whatever he’s talking about, and we love him for it!


Sean Chin has been contributing to Eggplante for nearly three years now. He’s an expert in the PlayStation universe, coveting anything with a Sony badge on it. Of course, he also has great opinions on games from Nintendo as Microsoft, and has been a long-time friend of Christopher. Sean runs his own entertainment site, Live In Limbo, which focuses on concerts, arts & entertainment, and celebrity news and reviews.