Since the second episode of Gotham, an allusion to DC villain, The Dollmaker has had fans aware of the character’s existence somewhere in the show’s self-contained pre-Batman universe. Now, we know that eventually, the deranged serial killer will eventually appear in the flesh. Colm Feore has been cast as Gotham’s Dollmaker, who will be undergoing some changes from his DC Comics counterparts, with three different men taking up the mantle of Dollmaker throughout DC Comics canon.

Colm Feore - MugshotOn Gotham, the Dollmaker will be an original fourth incarnation called Dr. Francis Dulmacher, a version of the character that has not appeared in DC Comics canon at this point. Dulmacher will take elements of the most recent post-New 52 Dollmaker in DC Comics, Barton Mathis, in that he will be a highly intelligent and gifted surgeon, also being described as having zealotry bordering on madness. It’s presumed that Feore’s Dollmaker will appear at some point during the currently-airing first season of Gotham, though the exact episode that he’s set to make an appearance in is currently unknown.

Regardless, this will be Feore’s third appearance as a comic book character, though the prior two times were for Marvel. He previously portrayed Frost Giant king, Laufey in 2011 movie, Thor, and later played Oscorp executive, Donald Menken in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Interestingly, DC’s rebooted New 52 Dollmaker, Barton Mathis, has already been featured on a primetime DC Comics-inspired live-action TV series, played by Michael Eklund. During the previous second season of Arrow, Mathis was featured as a particular nemesis of regular police officer, Quentin Lance, who was revealed to be broken out of jail by the first Count Vertigo during Vertigo’s own escape. Mathis attempted to kidnap and murder Quentin’s daughter, Laurel using his trademark serial killer technique of suffocating women with doll formula, though was thwarted by The Arrow, and soon after killed by Laurel’s sister, Sara Lance.Dollmaker - DC Comics

The many Dollmaker characters of DC have had an interesting and diverse array of heroic foes. The original Dollmaker, Marcel Mannequin, was a less serious villain of Plastic Man, a character that controlled self-made dolls to do his bidding, before a second Dollmaker became an enemy of Supergirl with similar tactics, that being Anton Schott, the son of recurring Superman nemesis, Toyman. Barton Mathis’ rebooted, post-New 52 Dollmaker appears to be the one that is sticking however, ditching the ability to create toy henchmen, and being a gifted surgeon and serial killer that attempts to immortalize his female victims to appear as porcelain dolls. This Dollmaker is in fact a minor foe of Batman, being a friend of The Joker as well, and is most infamous for removing The Joker’s face, albeit with the permission of the Clown Prince of Crime. His cannibal father was also killed before his eyes by none other than a younger James Gordon.

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