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I've arrived!

So here I am sitting in the lobby at the Ramada while I wait for some 46 photos to upload to Flickr.  It is much easier than posting them here, so be sure to check them out now!  I'm heading to an exclusive DJ...
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Up, Up, and Away!

I look like an idiot sitting here on the plane, taking photos of myself, brimming with joy from the potential Halo 4 announcement (not to mention that we’re supposedly going to be a half hour early landing in...
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HALO 4 (Update)

So I'm sitting in the airport in Toronto awaiting the LAX flight to board, and I ran into a gentleman named Lucy (obviously not his real name), who spoke of something incredibly interesting. Apparently, there ...
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And so it begins!

And here you have it, folks: the first of what I hope to be a bunch of video blogs chronicling my adventures before and after Los Angeles, as well as anything I decide to blog about in the future.  I'll try to...