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Eggplante is an online magazine showcasing news, reviews, interviews, and highlights from the music, movie, and video game industries. We strive to do something unique and original with interviews and press coverage, and we’ll never copy and paste a press release and call it a day.

Stuff like that will keep you coming back. And some snarky wit can’t hurt, right?

We love to review video games, peripherals, interview those in the industry, and attend events such as Fan Expo and E3. Look for more and more of this as we attend more and more events!


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Eggplante does not accept payment for biased reviews of any kind. Interviews are published based on what is actually said and reviews are based solely on the reviewer’s opinion. Reviews do not represent the opinion of anyone but the reviewer. We maintain a strict policy against unfair and unethical practices with regards to writing and journalistic integrity and, as such, only publish articles where the author is completely uninhibited from providing their own true opinion. Most game and album reviews are based on versions of the media provided by the publisher and/or developer. Some links to products outside of Eggplante.com may earn us a commission.

Further, any author’s opinion is their opinion within the confines of Eggplante, and does not reflect their opinions or views outside of the publication. Their opinions expressed on Eggplante are not necessarily reflective of their opinions respective to their other occupations or affiliations and should not be taken as such.
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