Electronic Arts has announced its livestream schedule for EA PLAY this year, taking place on Saturday, June 8th.

There will be what appears to be about three hours worth of streams, with a new game starting every half hour, beginning at 9:30 am Pacific / 12:30 pm Eastern.

The schedule itself does seem to be a bit light, with no space indicated for anything other than these six titles or unannounced games.

Anthem is also notably absent from the list. After Respawn delayed their latest content release to make tweaks and improvements, it appears that the developer is still not ready to show it off at the show.

What is currently unknown is just how much content of each game will be shown. Will we see a five minute trailer followed by some live gameplay and interview segment like Nintendo Treehouse at E3? Or will we see an entire 30-minute chunk of gameplay for each title? Perhaps there will be a few different cuts, and for all we know now, EA is still working out the little details.

We can confirm now that we have a gameplay session booked with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at 4:30 pm Pacific on June 8th, so expect to read about our impressions on the game later that evening.

Battlefield V will be another interesting game to see at the show as this will be the first time that Electronic Arts doesn’t release an entirely new entry in the Battlefield franchise, instead opting to expand on its 2018 title.

While EA PLAY is not officially associated with E3, the publisher hosts their showcase the weekend prior to the E3 festivities in order to capitalize on the media that descends upon Los Angeles for the big show.

Expect our full rundown of everything at EA PLAY right here on Eggplante!

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