Final Day at E3


My final day at E3 was a hectic one. I started at about 8:30 a.m., ran to the Halo 3: ODST line (and was still about 30 minutes from the front), made the journey between the hotel and the Convention Center twice (to charge my camera’s battery and unload the eighteen pounds of swag I had collected), and even though I left an hour before the convention officially closed, I was exhausted.

I was sad to leave, but I did what I came to do, and that was be at one with all the video games, check out everything I possibly could, play some new games before launch, check out the new hardware, get some free stuff, win a Zune (although that specifically wasn’t on the list). And I had multiple massive nergasms while I was there.

The nerdgasms have since subsided, and LA is resting, although not for long, as Erotica L.A. arrives next week. Gamers everywhere are flying home with stuffed suitcases and bulging bellies, overloaded from the overpriced food and free samples of Game Grub (fantastic stuff, by the way).

I nearly cried when I left, knowing it wouldn’t be for another year that I would finally see Los Angeles and the Convention Center again, but I was consoled by Video Games Live which took place that night. But more on that in another post.

I had tons of fun, took thousands of pictures, met some great celebrities, TV personalities, famous gamers, music icons, and, well, FOOBS! I can’t wait to see what E3 2010 brings and I’m even more excited to know that I will be attending every E3 from now on that ever exists, no matter where in the world it is.

More photos are posted on the Flickr page.

See you soon!

PS.  Yes I know the header picture is not entirely appropriate and is far overdue.  But I couldn’t, and frankly didn’t want to, find a “Bye from E3” banner.  Deal with it.