The Tourist Review

The tourist is one of those movies that starts out making you think “okay, what is going on here?” and then explains it with the revelations that occur between the characters throughout the film. Except that there were no revelations here, no reveals, and nothing that let me abandon that feeling. I felt like I was always waiting for the movie to start, but not because there wasn’t any action (because believe me, there was action!), but rather because there were little assumptions made at the beginning of the film that didn’t ever really get explained!

The movie picked up in action slowly, and unravelled itself, but I still walked away from it thinking that there just wasn’t much substance. To this day, I am not sure how I feel about the flick. It makes sense as a comedy-drama-thriller film, but I’m not sure it really excels in either of the categories. So rather than give you a synopsis of the film, I’ll tell you about the actors.

Angelina Jolie isn’t hot. She’s beautiful. And this movie proves it. In every scene, Jolie was put together, wearing something silky that ran the entire length of her body, which you’d think would get old after a while. Nope. Hot as ever from the first minute to the last.

Johnny Depp, on the other hand, always seemed to be in a bit of a state of disarray, but that was the character he was playing, and it serves him well that he got a Golden Globe nomination for the role (as did Angelina, by the way). His acting was as good as I’d ever seen it, and while I’m not a fan of Depp’s other movies, his role had me laughing and playing along with the idiocy of his character the entire time.

Oh, and Paul Bettany plays a cop. Review over.