Michael Ironside absent from Splinter Cell: Blacklist

From chatting with people on the E3 show floor, the story has just been broken that Michael Ironside is not going to be the voice of Sam Fisher in the new Splinter Cell: Blacklist unveiled this morning at Microsoft’s Press Conference. This news comes despite the fact that the game is a direct sequel to Conviction, the most recent entry in the series and one that had Ironside’s voice acting behind the character.

If you listen to the trailer, you might be able to hear the non-Ironside voice of Fisher, but it doesn’t make sense. We were absolutely blown away by the game, and clearly there is a great budget for it because it looks so great, but whether it was a contractual issue, financial issue, or something else, we know that Michael Ironside will absolutely not be voicing Fisher this time around.

In fact, we do know who the new voice of Fisher is, and it’s Eric Johnson of the television series Rookie Blue and Alcatraz.

We’ll let you know more as things come around. For more info on the game and Microsoft’s Press Conference, head on over here.