Facebook Stories puts your year in review

Much like Google does with their yearly Zeitgeist, Facebook does a review of the year by listing off trends based in the USA as well as around the world. It isn’t nearly as statistically heavy as Google’s presentation, but it is interesting to see what people shared more than it is to see what people searched for, in our opinion.

However, the best part about what Facebook does is create your year in review. At FacebookStories.com, you’re greeted with a nice big button that says “See your 2012 year in review.” Click it, and you’re taken to a page that looks somewhat like your Facebook timeline, although in a single-column view, compiling the most commented and liked photos and statuses of the year.

Since the site is designed internally at Facebook, it functions very much like the social networking site, letting you comment on your favourite posts of the year and leave messages behind, even a year after you posted them.

Facebook Stories is a very simple site and your year in review is even simpler. We only wish it was possible to archive your year in review for next year or go back and see previous years all the way back to when you first joined Facebook. Admittedly, it’s very easy to go back through the years at any time in your usual profile, so this isn’t a huge gripe.

Take a look at your year in review and look back on memories you had and friends you made (and pages you liked). You’ll probably find a few gems that you forgot about, even though it’s been less than 365.