Microsoft expects Xbox One to last at least a decade

Phil-Harrison-This probably isn’t too far out of the realm of realism, but it might come as a bit of a stretch to some. Microsoft VP Phil Harrison has said that the company expects the Xbox One to live in homes for at least a decade, saying specifically that the console will have a “ten year journey.”

The console will undoubtedly be supported with cloud services like Xbox Live and other advances in technology between now and 2023, but how long the console itself will remain at the forefront of it all remains to be seen.

The Xbox 360 has been around since 2005, and with Microsoft saying they’ll keep it around for at least another three years, a ten-year goal for the Xbox One might actually be cutting it short. However, with processing power moving into the cloud and less and less gaming based on the box in your living room, the shift to set-top boxes that simply pull in content might come quicker than anyone is expecting.

Stay tuned for more on the Xbox One lifespan as it unfolds, though we expect more news on this to take a few years.