Telltale Games and Gearbox Software team up for Tales from the Borderlands

In a huge surprise reveal at the beginning of the Spike VGX Awards this evening, Telltale Games has teamed up with the Gearbox Software team on a new game called Tales from the Borderlands.

The teams met at last year’s Video Game Awards, so it seems fitting that they’re announcing their new baby at VGX.

The game is “very much in the Borderlands world”, according to a Gearbox director, and it will “play like a Borderlands game” to make sure fans are happy with the game even if it doesn’t follow the main franchise storyline.

The storyline is said to be much more open than the traditional constrained Borderlands-style storytelling tropes.

Telltale Games is also working on an episodic game series following the Game of Thrones television show from HBO.