Microsoft hosting countdown to 2014 sale on Xbox 360

Christmas may be the focus of many of our lives lately, but Microsoft is already looking ahead to New Year’s!

Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb has announced a daily flash sale for various downloadable Xbox 360 games and DLC add-ons every day before 2014. The sale seems to be for Xbox 360 only, and no such promotion appears to be planned for Xbox One, but, given that Xbox One barely has anything beyond its launch offerings to work with, that’s understandable.

Starting today, Borderlands 2 has seen a twenty-four-hour price slash on Xbox 360, along with several bits of DLC and its Season Pass. Seeing that Borderlands 2 is far and away one of the best co-op experiences of this hardware generation, and an even better blend of FPS and RPG than its predecessor, there’s never been a better time to add this gem to your collection if you’re an Xbox gamer that’s been holding out. This is particularly true when you consider Telltale’s recent announcement of the episodic series collaboration with Gearbox, Tales from the Borderlands at the recent Spike VGX awards show.

Terraria - Title ArtMajor Nelson has confirmed that Terraria, a Minecraft-esque 2D Xbox Live Arcade game that also marks one of the best digital download games of this hardware generation and a must-play if you don’t already own it, will go on sale with several related items tomorrow. The rest of the sales are a surprise, and Xbox 360 owners are encouraged to either follow Major Nelson on Twitter, @majornelson, or sign into Xbox Live daily to see each new sale offer for the remaining days of 2013.

It’s unsurprising that Microsoft would be spearheading their own Holiday-themed sale, given that Sony is heavily slashing prices on various PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games and DLC during their own weekly Holiday Sales, which will also span the remainder of the year. PC gamers can also enjoy the traditional Winter Sale of that is now in effect for the rest of the year, which has reduced the prices of virtually their entire game catalogue by 50-75%. Even the normally sales-shy Nintendo has sponsored character-based game sales on the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console selections during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Christmas shopping has no doubt already lightened many of our wallets, but, regardless of your gaming platform of choice, it seems that you’ll have plenty of great discounts further threatening your finances before 2014 is upon us! Regardless, keep it tuned to Eggplante for any news on high-profile sales across all game platforms.