Nintendo details E3 plans in ridiculous video

In a rare look ahead of the year’s biggest gaming conference, Nintendo has teamed up with Mega64 to announce their E3 plans, including some really awesome events that should make fanboys (read: us) swoon.

Watch the video above, or just check out the list of the happenings:

  • Smash Bros. Invitational, a tournament at the Nokia Theatre
  • Smash-Fest @ Best Buy, a chance for people to play Super Smash Bros. nationwide
  • Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3, where developers and designers live streaming content every day at E3
  • Nintendo Digital Event, a presentation at 9 AM on June 10th

We’ll assume the Nintendo Digital Event is this year’s version of their press conference or Nintendo Direct @ E3 presentation. We’re hoping to have more insight into it as we get closer to the date, and we will of course be posting tons of E3 content as the show sneaks up on us!

E3 2014 is just six weeks away!