PSA: Club Nintendo closing today

After launching in 2008 in North America (2002 in Europe, where the program originated), Club Nintendo will officially be discontinued tomorrow, June 30th, 2015.

On January 20th, the company announced that it would be closing up its loyalty program which let gamers redeem codes found in first-party games for coins to spend on physical and virtual merchandise.

Rewards have ranged from small items like decks of cards to massive statues. Gold and Platinum members (those who collected 300 and 600 coins in a year, respectively) also received exclusive rewards that were quite unique and sought after by collectors. In 2014, the rewards for these members became digital-only, perhaps a sign that the program was being phased out.

Nintendo has said that it is closing Club Nintendo in order to usher in a new loyalty program, though it has not mentioned any specifics on the new program yet. We’re hoping for something akin to PlayStation Plus or Games With Gold, though we were quite fond of Nintendo’s offerings with Club Nintendo.

If you still have coins (or stars, depending on region) remaining in your account, there are only about 24 hours to redeem them for something worthwhile. There are only digital prizes still available, but there are some pretty great games up for grabs, including Super Mario 3D LandKid Icarus UprisingNew Super Mario Bros. 2Wii Party U, and The Wonderful 101. In all, there are 117 games available, including the Club Nintendo exclusive Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! (Please don’t waste your last coins on that).

Club Nintendo closes at 11:59 p.m. EST June 30th.