Final Fantasy Type-0 HD gets release date for PC

If you’re a PC gaming Final Fantasy fan that’s been looking at console gamers with envy over this past March’s release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, you can finally stop the glaring. Square Enix has just announced that the game’s planned PC version will be releasing soon, very soon in fact! The game will come to Steam for PC gamers on August 18th of this year.

FFT0 - Gameplay 1Square Enix has been pouring extra resources and development hours into fixing a few issues that people had with the console builds in the PC version, which were cited when Final Fantasy Type-0 HD first hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in March. The PC version will apparently feature an improved camera, refined graphics and flexible graphics settings that better take advantage of the HD makeover on high-end machines, and, as one can expect, it will also include Steam Achievements and full gamepad support. The PC version will also apparently boast some exclusive character boosts, along with a screenshot mode, and finally, it will also offer Steam Trading Cards.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s minimum and recommended PC requirements can now be viewed on the game’s Steam page. Valve and Square Enix have also partnered up to provide some PC-specific pre-order incentives for Steam users, including a Master Chocobo Courier, an exclusive loading screen (for what that’s worth), and, most unorthodox of all, a Class Zero Moogle that you can take into your copy of Dota 2 as a ward. Sadly however, the PC version will apparently lack the exclusive Final Fantasy XV demo offered in first-run copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s console versions, even for those who pre-order the game on Steam. This is likely because a PC version of Final Fantasy XV hasn’t been formally announced at this point, even if Square Enix has expressed interest in making one.FFT0 - Gameplay 2

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a redesigned high-definition console port of a PlayStation Portable spin-off to Square Enix’s highly beloved marquee RPG franchise. The original PlayStation Portable build of Final Fantasy Type-0 was never released outside of Japan, on account of the PlayStation Portable’s lacklustre sales in the West, and the fact that the platform’s successor, the PlayStation Vita had been announced by the time the game had released. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD recaptures virtually the entire experience, with refined graphics to take advantage of current consoles, and newly-added adjustable difficulty, though it eliminates some PlayStation Portable-specific functionality, namely taking advantage of Sleep Mode, and also cuts out the multiplayer component that was available in the original PlayStation Portable release. Square Enix has admitted that their main motivation to make Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was to ensure that Final Fantasy Type-0 could finally be released in the West, even with some compromises.

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