Zelda to be only playable demo from Nintendo at E3 2016

In an odd bit of news, Nintendo has announced that The Legend of Zelda for Wii U and NX will be the only playable game on the show floor at E3 2016.

The Kyoto-based company has said this is to provide the most immersive experience possible to attendees of the show. It is not yet clear in what capacity the game will be playable, other than that it will only be the Wii U version, given that the new console, codenamed NX, is not going to be at E3 2016.

The expectation is that Nintendo has many different areas of the new Zelda game playable at different areas of its booth, including a dungeon or two, an exploration section, perhaps a new way to traverse the world, and so on. It is unclear if the company will have a smaller booth this year, though we expect that, with Activision and EA pulling out of the show, there should be no shortage of space at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Nintendo take on more space at the show to show just how large the new Zelda title is, and while there may be other games on demo behind closed doors, it’ll be difficult to imagine that attendees and media don’t have a little Zelda fatigue by the end of the week.

In any case, E3 2016 takes place June 14-16 in Los Angeles, California, and we’ll be there to bring you all the latest news from Nintendo and the world of gaming!