Leaked Zelda artwork shows Link rock climbing in Hyrule

It appears that Amazon has leaked some artwork from Nintendo’s upcoming Legend of Zelda game slated to hit Wii U and NX.

While the art itself doesn’t look all that different from what we’ve seen, it shows off a brand new mechanic, one we’ve never seen in a single Zelda game in years past: rock climbing.

In the photo, Link is scaling a huge rock face, with an ominous looking death mountain behind him. In fact, it appears that Hyrule itself is quite massive, with desert, field, and outposts between the protagonist and the farthest vista.



The artwork, which has since been pulled from Amazon, could be showing off just the start of a whole new set of mechanics. What else do you want to see? We’d love to see repelling, some grappling hook action, potentially some scuba diving here or there (though the latter can be quite easily accomplished with the Zora tunic from previous titles), and perhaps even some sky exploration.

Stay tuned for all the Zelda news as it leaks and is revealed to the world officially on Tuesday morning during Nintendo’s Treehouse @ E3.