4A Games will bring Metro: Exodus to Xbox One & PC in 2018

One of the first games to be revealed today was 4A Games’ Metro: Exodus. That is, the follow-up to the well liked but somewhat overlooked shooters, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light.

Presenting a return to the bleak and dangerous tunnels of post-apocalyptic Russia, Metro: Exodus looks absolutely stunning despite its grim setting and hideous monsters. What’s different about this outing, though, is that it looks to be an open world experience that will allow players to explore the local countryside. How open, and how rich this world will be in details and activities remains to be seen, but if the last two games are any indication we’re in for a treat.

Exodus‘ reveal trailer starts on the surface before moving underground, where a gas mask equipped survivor is seen exploring with care. As he makes his way through the tunnels, our playable hero comes across makeshift weaponry, cobweb-covered skeletons, dropped ammunition and a disgusting-looking spider’s web that needs to be burned away with a lighter. He isn’t alone, though, as this short journey quickly brings him face to face with giant, mutated rats and bear-like creatures, which surely wish to pick his bones dry of flesh, muscle and sinew.

Luckily, our digitized Russian friend is able to survive the above-mentioned danger, and eventually finds a ladder to scale in order to reach the serene wilderness above. It’s at this point where he feels safe enough to take off his gas mask and gaze at the beautiful abandoned town that sits below him.

Above, you will find a longer version of the trailer that was shown at Microsoft’s press conference. It features all of the same content, but shows extended gameplay, wherein the protagonist carefully explores the town and deals with the dangers within.

Metro: Exodus is headed towards a 2018 release on PC and Xbox One.