God of War is coming in early 2018

As we all expected it would be, God of War was of the highlights of tonight’s event. Then again, when is this series ever not a major focus when a new iteration is in the works?

As with practically every other game they showed or revealed tonight, Sony was mum on details or any specifics about the next God of War game. They did, however, give us a five-and-a-half minute long gameplay trailer to drool over.

This new look at SIE Santa Monica’s latest project begins with some cutscenes, wherein Kratos is shown rowing a boat through a foggy lake, en route to some sort of oddly shaped landmark or island. Rough waves follow, before the trailer shifts to other scenes from the game, including some spectacular-looking combat sequences, which are full of oomph, action, blood and guts. Then, things move back to where we were at the start, as Kratos and his son come face to face with a towering water beast.

God of War will be released in early 2018, and is currently available for pre-order.