Play Titanfall 2 for free this week

Beginning today is Titanfall 2‘s free trial week, which will allow players to jump in, get their feet wet and form an opinion on Respawn’s acclaimed mech shooter. The hope, of course, is to hook said folks and make them want to spend money in order to keep playing, which is sure to happen in quite a few cases given how good the game actually is.

This free trial — which will unsurprisingly last until Sunday, June 18th — will grant players full access to the game’s addictive multiplayer suite. On top of that, it will also allow them to play through two different campaign missions, those being Beacon and Pilot Gauntlet.

Of course, Titanfall 2 is also available for purchase for $39.99 US. The same is true of its recently released Monarch Reigns add-on, which bolstered the game with new call signs, paint jobs and titans.