Ubisoft finally officially announces Beyond Good & Evil 2, now a prequel

It’s become something of a tradition for Ubisoft to end their E3 keynotes with a major surprise game announcement. This year’s surprise was one that we already knew existed in some form, but it was nonetheless highly satisfying to have Ubisoft finally properly announce Beyond Good & Evil 2, complete with logo!

Ubisoft has acknowledged the existence of Beyond Good & Evil 2 in some shape or form since the much-beloved original game first released in 2003. The game was previously teased in a pre-rendered CG trailer that showed protagonists, Jade and Pey’j in a deserted highway-like location several years ago. It appears however that this original direction for the game has since been scrapped, since Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now operating as a prequel, taking place some years before original protagonist, Jade is even born.

The game was announced with a pre-rendered CG trailer, with no platforms or release window listed, though we nonetheless got to see a humanoid ape protagonist bartering with a Pey’j-like pig humanoid, before the deal goes sour. After hitching a ride on a speeder bike with an unknown woman, the ape-man rides to a secret base, where we see a female heroine, resembling Jade to an extent, track a path through the solar system.

We may not know much about Beyond Good & Evil 2, but Ubisoft seeming to properly put the game into full production is nonetheless very exciting! Keep investigating Eggplante for all major news and updates on Beyond Good & Evil.