Seagate hopes to solve your Xbox One storage issues with its 8TB Game Drive Hub

If you’re regularly running out of storage space on your Xbox One’s internal hard drive, you’re not alone. As any regular gamer will tell you, an external hard drive is an absolute necessity if you’re someone who plays a lot of games and likes to keep them all installed. Or, if you’re like me and have terrible Internet, which makes you dread having to re-install anything you may want to play again.

In the past, Seagate has aimed to solve this issue with its Xbox One-targeted Game Drive external hard drives, which I believe began life in 2TB form before expanding over the past year or more. Now, the hard drive giant is back again, with a new, 8 terabyte Game Drive Hub, which will surely be all that anyone will need. That is, unless you’re a millionaire who plans to buy every single Xbox One game imaginable.

With a refreshed design that mimics the Xbox One S’ white matte finish, the (USB) 8TB Game Drive Hub was designed to look nice alongside your slim Xbox One. It will also complement an Xbox One X, although the colours will clash a bit. Then again, what’s more important: Space or aesthetics? Obviously space, given that it’s already been announced that Forza Motorsport 7 — Microsoft’s flagship foray into 4K gaming — will be 100gb in size.

Look for the 8TB Seagate Game Drive Hub at select, Seagate-partnered retailers, later this month. It’ll sell there for $199.99 USD.