Warner Bros. & TT Games just announced the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game

Through press release means, Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games have revealed the existence of a game based on the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie. One that is currently in development for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game will let fans of the film and the characters it’s based on battle against waves of evildoers, as they attempt to protect the island of Ninjago from evil Lord Garmadon and his Shark Army. To do this, they’ll need to utilize special ninja skills, like wall running, high jumping and, of course, kicking serious ass. Co-op moves will also come into play, via Spinjitzu, as will an experience system that will allow players to level up their favourite heroes.

“The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game brings the non-stop action and thrilling combat of the film into the living room so kids can embark on their own Ninjago adventures,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games. “Enhanced movements will help players traverse Ninjago with the fluidity and grace of a secret ninja warrior and improve their combat skills.”

“The LEGO Group is pleased to extend the Ninjago play experience with The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game,” said Sean McEvoy, VP Digital Games, The LEGO Group. “Fans will love playing as their favourite Ninjago heroes and joining an epic adventure of good versus evil.”

As they battle for freedom as some of Ninjago’s fiercest warriors, players will venture to eight different locations, all of which will house their own challenge dojos. There, they’ll be able to test their skills against waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Conversely, those who like to play with (and against) friends will be happy to hear that Battle Maps will allow competition between four local players across several different game modes.

Expect to be able to play the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game on September 22nd, which is when the film will hit our local big screens.