Thumper will bring its “rhythm violence” to Xbox One later this month

Xbox One owners who’ve been dying to get their hands on Drool’s “rhythm violence” game, Thumper, will be happy to hear that the indie is headed that way. In fact, the developer has just announced an August 18th release date for the latest console version of its critically acclaimed music experience.

While in control of Thumper‘s silver-clad space beetle, players will find themselves tasked with navigating the game’s nine, music-heavy levels. This means dealing with “punishing” obstacles and battling bosses, all while riding rails, moving from lane to lane and slamming into whatever comes your way.

“We’ve fine-tuned the game’s controls to feel perfect on the Xbox One. We also take advantage of the controller’s impulse trigger vibrations,” stated Drool co-founder Marc Flury.

Thumper originally debuted on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and Steam back in 2016, before recently releasing on Nintendo’s Switch. Xbox One owners will soon be able to get into the action, and can also look forward to a native 4K version for Xbox One X.