Digital sales of The Town of Light to benefit mental health charities

It could be said that mental health problems are today’s most prominent human crisis. After all, depression runs rampant throughout our population, as do other related issues, like anxiety.

To help combat this epidemic and improve the lives of others, Italian developer and its publishing partner, Wired Productions, have decided to place 25% of their net proceeds from digital sales of The Town of Light into a fund destined for mental health charities. Organizations like Take This Inc. which helps provide mental health education and also runs staffed mental health rooms during gaming events.

To aid this cause, all you need to do is purchase The Town of Light — LKA’s disturbing, mental health-based adventure game — from one of several different retailers, many of whom are offering 20% off as enticement. This list consists of Microsoft, Sony, Steam, Greenman Gaming, HumbleBundle, and GamesPlanet, the latter of which will donate all of its profits to the cause.

“The Town of Light, because of the themes of mental health within the game and its grounding in reality, starts the conversation,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions, “Our duty is to stand together and continue that conversation, not only to ensure that we dispel the stigma around mental health, but also to ensure that those who feel alone know that they are not, and are given the help they often desperately need. This promotion, alongside our extended campaign for awareness, form only a small part of a much greater picture, but we hope they will touch many lives.”

“The motivation behind The Town of Light has always been one of compassion”, said Luca Dalcò, Studio Head,, “The struggles surrounding mental health affect so many of our lives day to day; to shine a light on mental illness and tell the story of those who suffered without a voice in the past was our goal. To have the opportunity to help those in the present is more than we could have hoped for.”

Russ Pitts, President, TakeThis, Inc. said, “The biggest challenge people dealing with mental health issues face is isolation and loneliness. The feeling no one will understand or can help. And a lot of people turn to video games for an escape. Seeing mental health issues addressed in true and meaningful ways in a game like The Town of Light can be a lifeline for people in need.”

Please take note of the fact that this is a timed promotion, which will run from August 16th until September 6th. Kudos to all of those involved in it, too, because we all need to work towards ending the stigma around mental health and every bit helps.

Hearing about this makes my heart swell, as someone who deals with crippling depression, anxiety and OCD, and it makes me wish that I’d enjoyed The Town of Light more when I reviewed it. Then again, it’s more of an experience than it is a game, and is something that aims to educate those who know very little about how mental health was treated years ago. In that respect, it’s a huge success.