God of War just received a springtime release date

Mark April 20th on your mental and/or physical calendars, as that’s the day on which gods will fight. The release date for Sony’s much anticipated, Norse-themed reboot of God of War.

This, the first sight of an official release date, comes to us from God of War‘s brand new story trailer, which is chock full of beautiful, badass and intriguing cutscene content. At over three minutes in length, it checks all the boxes and does its job of making the game even more difficult to wait for.

You can rest assured that we’ll keep you up to date on any more developments from the God of War and Sony camps. For now, let’s rejoice in the news that it shouldn’t be long (just a few months), before we’ll be able to swing a mythical axe as this new, more badass version of Kratos.