DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim changes the game to let players fly dragons, a new mechanic not included in the original game.

Todd Howard teases The Elder Scrolls VI at E3

Before exiting the stage, Todd Howard treated us to two announcements pertaining to brand new games. The first was a new, single player experience and IP called Starfield. The second, though, was the big blockbuster of the night: The Elder Scrolls VI!

This was the perfect example of a tease, however, because little was shown outside of an aerial view of a fantasy world and the title, The Elder Scrolls VI.

It’s very likely that The Elder Scrolls VI is years away, and not just because they didn’t show us much of anything. Prior to showing this very brief teaser trailer, Todd Howard referenced that this last reveal would be the game after Starfield. The fans have what they’ve been wanting, though, and that’s confirmation that a new Elder Scrolls game is in development. That, alone, will make many people very happy and give them something to look forward to down the road.