It’s always felt as if Marvel’s Spider-Man is a ways off, but that truly isn’t the case anymore. In fact, the incredible-looking superhero game is set to release next month, and is currently one of the industry’s most talked about and looked forward to interactive experiences.

This week, Insomniac’s first licensed superhero title received two brand new trailers. The first, which is pretty short and has its share of cinematic and gameplay content, is called its “Launch Gameplay Trailer.” Meanwhile, the second one — which shares some of the same content as its predecessor — is a longer and very badass gameplay vignette that was posted by IGN. Both are jaw-dropping in terms of visuals, gameplay, animations and combat, and make this thing even harder to wait for.

Less than one month remains before Marvel’s Spider-Man will swing its way onto Sony’s PlayStation 4. Its official release date is September 7th.

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