Fear and isolation, speed and contact racing. Those very different things make up the two free PlayStation 4 titles that PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to in December. That is, the narrative heavy underwater horror game, SOMA, and the fast-paced, team-heavy racer, OnRush.

This news was revealed today, alongside the PlayStation 3 and Vita games that will also become free to download. Those include the frenetic space shooter, Steredenn (PS3), visual novel Steins;Gate (PS3), action/platformer Iconoclasts (Vita with Crossbuy on PS4) and the indie hit, Papers, Please (Vita). It’s the latter game that stands out most, because of its unique style of puzzle gameplay, wherein one must man a border control station for a fictional country. It has very impressive reviews, and has received a lot of good word of mouth.

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