Ahead of its planned E3 gameplay reveal, CI Games has released a teaser trailer for the next iteration of its Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise.

Titled Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts (without any sort of punctuation, for some reason), the series’ next installment is scheduled to release later this year. When it does, it will send fans of tactical shooters to the Siberian wilderness, where they will have to contend with not only weather and geography, but also dense, focused maps.

Here’s what the press release has to say about it:

Adopting a puzzle box approach and leveraging its namesake contracts system, these open-ended missions can be tackled in a wealth of different ways, rewarding tactical, quick thinking in the face of emergent encounters. Interested in further increasing your payout? Missions also pose countless side missions which can be undertaken to earn extra cash for upgrading your loadout.

From its in-depth single-player campaign and range of multiplayer options, to its return-to-form, intense mission-based contracts system, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts seeks to perfect the feeling of staring down a scope and planning your approach. Get ready to tackle the Siberian wilderness and all the unique environmental obstacles it brings with it, because Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is taking aim.

You’ll be able to play Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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