During today’s EA Play livestream, Electronic Arts announced three new EA Originals. One is from A Way Out developer, Hazelight Studios, while the others are being developed by Fe‘s Zoink Studios and Glowmade, respectively.

Glowmade’s effort will be a co-operative action RPG, called RustHeart, which “follows the player and their handmade robot sidekick as they adventure across a vibrant, alien multiverse. Glowmade is creating this as a “compelling mix of tactical action-roleplay gameplay, player invention and spray paint.”

Meanwhile, Zoink Studios is hard at work on a game called Lost in Random. They say it’s a “blend of strategy and action that explores the notion of chance and possibility, set within a beautifully dark and vivid world.”

Hazelight’s game wasn’t fully revealed or even given a name, but they did promise that it will “give players a fresh new take on the challenges of working together.”

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