Microsoft reveals two new Xbox One controller variants: Night Ops and Sport Blue

If you’re in the market for a new Xbox One controller, or simply happen to be a collector of such things, then you’ll want to take a look at the two new ones that were just revealed today. They go by the names Night Ops and Sport Blue, and are both considered to be special edition variants.

Night Ops is said to be the first in a new line of controllers that focuses on camouflage types. For this reason, it offers a darkened version of the familiar army fatigue pattern, incorporating black, gray and warm metallic gold on a textured surface. Its d-pad is metallic gold, and its trigger grip is etched for added control, or so they say.

This particular option will be available on October 8th, and will sell for $69.99 USD. A related t-shirt will also be sold through MetaThreads, in celebration of the launch of this brand new series.

The second of these announced controllers — Sport Blue — will actually release before that, as it carries an expected launch date of September 17th. The price tags will be the same, though.

Sport Blue marks the third entry into Microsoft’s sport series of controllers, and takes its inspiration from sports lifestyles, active wear and related pop culture. Like its predecessors, it will feature a geometric design “with eye-catching metallic accents and a metallic d-pad.” Furthermore, it will also offer a rubberized grip.

Both controllers will also be sold alongside charging stands featuring the same colours and themes.