Darksiders: Genesis introduces Strife

The team behind Darksiders: Genesis has released a new trailer. Its purpose is to introduce us to Strife.

One… Two Three.

Strife, the Rider of the White Horse, is both impulsive and witty, true to the motto “Shoot first, ask questions later” or “Two Guns, one Horseman”.

He is the one who has blood on his boots on a pretty much constant basis. He fought countless enemies with his two best friends, Mercy and Redemption and the protection of his impenetrable armor. Always by his side is Mayhem, Strife’s phantom steed.

For those not in the know, Strife is the new (and last) Horseman to appear in a Darksiders game. He’ll seemingly be the focus of Genesis, although War will also be a playable option.

Darksiders: Genesis will first make its way to PC and Stadia, and will do so on December 5th. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch versions will then follow later, on Valentine’s Day.