Another round of over-the-top, steroid infused baseball is heading our way, and it’s all thanks to Metalhead Software. That is, the team behind Super Mega Baseball 3, which is set to pitch its way onto consoles and PC this April.

If you’re new to the party, the Super Mega Baseball series is a less realistic take on the sport than MLB: The Show or even RBI Baseball. With it, fans can take made up teams through seasons, playoffs and the like, and can take advantage of certain players’ stacked skill sets while doing so. And, if it’s anything like the first two games, this third one will also be a heck of a lot of fun.

Super Mega Baseball 3 promises a brand new franchise mode, which will allow for multiple season play, and will also feature athletes who progress, age and retire. You’ll also find improved stealing and pick off mechanics, as well as wild pitches, passed balls and designated hitters. Advanced player traits will factor in as well.

In addition to the above, this sequel will offer 14 different ballparks, multiple fictional teams, custom brackets and an online Pennant Race mode, which will allow for cross-play. Hell, you’ll even be able to customize your own leagues, seasons, teams, uniforms and logos.

As of right now, Super Mega Baseball 3 is listed as an ‘April 2020’ release, and is expected to get a free demo before that happens. When it does release next month, it will hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Switch.

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