Sony has announced a new brand, called PlayStation Studios, that it will use to tie its first-party studios together when PlayStation 5 launches later this year.

With all these studios already under the umbrella that is currently Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios (that’s a mouthful), PlayStation Studios is a much cleaner, simpler look at the company’s wholly-owned studios.

The games highlighted in the logo video are UnchartedThe Last of Us (Naughty Dog), Gran Turismo (Polyphony Digital), Spider-Man (Insomniac Games), God of War (Santa Monica Studio), inFamous and Ghost of Tsushima (Sucker Punch).

The video intro bears a striking similarity to the Xbox Game Studios Logo, unveiled at E3 2019, which also shows notable first-party games and exclusives inset in a three-dimensional extrusion of the text.

Sony has yet to unveil their games lineup for PlayStation 5, which is due out this holiday season. Expect more as they unveil news and more information during Summer Game Fest now through August.

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