On the latest episode of Play, Watch, Listen, a podcast hosted by former IGN Editor Alanah Pearce, composer Austin Wintory, game designer and developer Mike Bithell, and voice actor Troy Baker, we’re hearing of the potential for some interesting functionality from PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

At the end of their most recent episode, Wintory (JourneyAssassin’s Creed Syndicate), begins discussing in general how music and sound effects, called foley, are captured in the real world for processing and adding into a game’s environment. A typical process would include someone going out to capture the sound of the rain, for example, which they would then use to create a static audio file of rain sounds.

Comparing this to the Unreal Engine 5 demo that we received last week, Wintory notes that the new engine promises to deliver audio that allows sampling of just a single raindrop, at which point each individual raindrop becomes its own ‘event,’ and the game scales up the sound and rain as necessary.

During this explanation, Bithell (Thomas Was Alone) begins typing furiously on his computer, telling the podcast, “I’m just doing the thing where I Google something to see if it’s been announced yet,” referring to the fact that he has seen and used PlayStation 5 development hardware, including, as we’ll come to find out, a DualSense controller for the new console.

“Dancing around some [Non-Disclosure Agreements],” Bithell says, “all I’m saying Austin, is you’re gonna love what they’re doing with the controller on PS5 … the DualSense stuff.”

Bithell goes on to say that he’s seen some demos relating to haptic feedback specifically relating to raindrops that imply that the controller will allow you to feel when it is raining in the game, or perhaps other environmental effects.

While this doesn’t reveal a ton of new information beyond what we knew about the DualSense controller before, it does confirm that even smaller developers have seen and used the controller, and that they’ve been given at least tech demos of what implementation of the haptic technology could look like.

Have a watch of the video above for the whole podcast, or skip to the 1:20:30 mark for the audio-specific discussion.

The DualSense controller, shown off in April, is the first bit of hardware we’ve seen for PlayStation 5, as rumours currently point to a June reveal for the console itself.

PlayStation 5, along with its DualSense controller, naturally, are expected to launch this holiday season.

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Christopher Kalanderopoulos founded Eggplante in 2009 to cover one event in Los Angeles. It never occurred to him that it would make him the Editor of an online magazine for the next decade. He spends most of his time gaming, backing cool Kickstarter projects, and hanging out with his wicked cool nieces and nephews.

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14 Responses

  1. Stevio

    The ps5 is going to be awesome, no doubt about that.
    Custom I/O chip capable of decompressing 9.5gb of data per second, and up to 22gb/s peak if data is super well compressed,
    The new audio hardware, the dual sense controller, etc etc.

    I just wished Sony was a bit more ambitious, and even if the ps5 would end up costing 50 or 100 bucks more,
    I wish sony had put like 50 CUs, instead of 36, had 20 or 24 gb of memory, instead of 16, and went with a 10 or 12core cpu, instead of 8.
    Hopefully sony will bump the ps5 specs, at the last moment, like they did with the ps4, when, 3 months before launch, they went from 4 to 8gb of gddr5.
    That ‘little’s change was so crucial, that probably allowed Sony to win the console war, as, with that extra memory, the ps4 could easily do 1080p games, like call of duty ghosts, at 1080p, whereas the x1 could barely run that game at 720p!

    Going from 16 to 24gb, or even 20, on the ps5, would probably make the console at least 50% more powerful…and would allow the usage of photorealistic texture packs… and ‘future’ games like Horizon: new dawn, gta6, god of war 2, uncharted 5, or even games like gran turismo 8 could look 2 times better, as more and better textures, and higher polygon models would be possible.

    The ps5 will cost at least 449 bucks . I wouldn’t mind saving some extra cash, and spending 599…649…or even 799 bucks… for a ps5-pro model.

    Damn, people spend 900 bucks on smartphones, and have no problem spending another 1000, 9 months later, for basically the same product.
    But when it’s about buying a new console, that they will keep 7 years, and will play dozens of thousands of hours with it, suddenly, they think about the world economy, and want those new consoles to cost 199..149….or even 99 bucks ! Come on.
    Before 2000, there was something called ‘saving’, where people would save some cash every month, so they could finally buy their desired product, 12 or 15 months later. Late in the 90s, it was normal, for a kid to save and wait one year, before he could buy a new console…and if he could get 3 or 4 new games per year, it was already fantastic.
    Today’s generation, people want their stuff immediately…today…NOW.

    600 or 700 bucks are a lot of cash ? Start saving now, 8 or 9 months from now, you will have enough cash to buy a ps5 or xbox series x !

    • john doe

      The ssd on sony box is going to drive the price up big time and it’s honestly over kill for how weak the system is. I honestly think the Series X caught them off guard they over clocked and it’s causing hugh problems, Not All of series X features have beenrevealed either regardless both systems will be great


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