The Last of Us Part II will receive limited edition PS4 Pro console bundle, controller and more

Sony will celebrate The Last of Us Part II with a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro console bundle and standalone controller based on the game. This news was revealed just this morning, when the PlayStation Blog posted images and descriptors pertaining to the two, as well as the other branded accessories that will be released alongside the much anticipated sequel.

On the same day as The Last of Us Part II releases, so too will its all black PlayStation 4 Pro console. The device features Ellie’s tattoo as a laser etched design on its top, which makes for a rather subdued and simplistic look that won’t stand out or blind you in any way. The only thing you’ll see when looking straight at the console is the name of the game, which appears below its disc drive.

The controller is similar, in that it’s also all black and features Ellie’s tattoo on its right hand grip. You’ll also see that the face buttons use a grayscale look, and will find that the game’s logo is featured on the touchpad in its middle. Other details include arrows around the d-pad, all of which are also in grayscale in order to give off a black and white look.

You’ll be able to purchase both together for $399.99 American or $499.99 Canadian, or can opt to buy the controller separately for $64.99 USD/$74.99 CAD.

Here’s what Naughty Dog’s Art Director, John Sweeney, had to say about them:

When we first revealed The Last of Us Part II, we had no idea how quickly fans would embrace Ellie’s tattoo. Within a day, we started seeing real-life versions showing up on social media and fans have been sharing photos of their new tattoos with us week after week ever since.

When the opportunity arose to create a custom PS4 Pro for The Last of Us Part II, I worked with our graphic designer at the time, Angel Garcia, and we considered a few different ideas, but we kept coming back to Ellie’s tattoo. By that point, it had become a symbol of the game and for the community–much like the Firefly logo in the first game. It was the clear choice, but we wondered: what if it could be engraved? It hadn’t been done before, so we weren’t sure it was even possible, but thanks to the incredible efforts of the teams at PlayStation, we found a way.

The result is something we feel is really special–a design that honors the passion of our incredible fans and that we ourselves would be proud to own.

We can’t wait for you to see it in person and for you to experience The Last of Us Part II for yourselves!

Those with interest will also be able to purchase a The Last of Us Part II themed external harddrive, as well as a branded headset. The Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset will feature a steel black matte finish with crimson red ear cups, and will sell for $99.99 USD/$119.99 CAD. The 2TB Seagate Game Drive, on the other hand, features the game’s logo and Ellie’s tattoo on its otherwise all black case, and will set you back $89.99 USD/$114.99 CAD.

The Last of Us Part II will be released on June 19th.