For a while now, rumours pertaining to a Demon’s Souls remake have been circulating around the Internet. Well, they’ve now been proven true, and the wishes of many have also been granted, because Sony officially confirmed the project today.

Fans of the Soulsborne games can expect something that has been “completely rebuilt from the ground up, and masterfully enhanced with a new ‘Fractured’ mode.” It will feature “beautiful shadow effects and ray tracing, and players can choose between two graphics modes while playing: one focused on fidelity, and one focused on frame rate.” The project is being handled by Bluepoint Games, as FromSoftware is currently working on Elden Ring.

Demon’s Souls was originally released for PlayStation 3 back in 2009, and started a brand new genre of video games. One that has since gone on to produce Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne and titles similar to those four.

This remake is, of course, in development for PlayStation 5.

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