Godfall is like Borderlands with swords

At last year’s Video Game Awards, Gearbox Software caused some buzz by revealing a new game called Godfall. Little was said about the title, but more details were promised for the near future.

Well, the near future ended up being today. Sony’s ‘The Future of Gaming’ livestream to be exact. During the show, a brand new Godfall trailer dropped, and it was chock full of sword based gameplay. Thus, we finally got to take a look at a game that seems to be a type of Borderlands with swords.

Godfall is a solo or PvE game, which has players battling monsters while wearing big suits of armor called Valorplates. Changing armor will allow the user to morph into something new, providing them with different abilities in the process.


We’ve also learned that Godfall will be a PS5 console exclusive.