Here’s your first look at gameplay from Arkane’s DEATHLOOP

Almost one exact year ago, Bethesda took the stage in Los Angeles and showcased what’s to come. During that E3 2019 presser, the company revealed DEATHLOOP, which just so happens to be a new IP from the folks at Arkane Lyon.

Since then things had been quiet on the DEATHLOOP front; so much so that I’d actually forgotten about it. Now, thanks to today’s PlayStation 5 showcase, the game is fresh of mind. Why? Bethesda happens to have shared its first gameplay trailer, which has generated a good amount of word of mouth.

It seems that the player’s goal will be to stop a time loop. Doing so won’t be too easy, though, because it’ll involve taking out eight different targets, all of whom are responsible for maintaining said loop. This can be done in any order, and the game promotes getting back up and trying things differently if you fail. That said, this is an odd, quirky and hard to explain title, because it not only features time manipulation but multiplayer as well. According to Sony, each player will have a rival, who can take the form of a real person if multiplayer is enabled.

Meanwhile, another player might temporarily enter your story in the role of Julianna, a rival assassin with her own singular goal: Protect the loop by eliminating Colt. Of course, if you’re feeling particularly villainous, you can slip into the shoes of Julianna yourself, jumping into someone else’s Blackreef for a tense game of cat-and-mouse.

DEATHLOOP certainly looks like it’s from the developers of Dishonored. It has a unique art style, but features powers that are similar to those found in that series.

Expect to be able to play DEATHLOOP this holiday season. Based on what we’ve read, it will merely be a timed PS5 exclusive.