Destruction AllStars is an odd and colourful combat game

Have you ever wondered what Vigilante 8 would look like if it was mixed with Fortnite or some weird, Saturday morning cartoon? If so, Destruction AllStars will likely be for you.

Revealed during today’s ‘The Future of Gaming’ stream, Destruction AllStars is an odd looking game that is based on a made up sport for dangerous drivers. Its action, which consists of vehicular combat and involves tactics, timing and destruction, actually takes place inside fictional arenas. That action is then apparently televised to the make believe masses.

One’s goal? To wreck as many vehicles as possible, in free-for-all action.

You can see this strange title below:

Destruction AllStars is coming to PlayStation 5, thanks to British developer Lucid Games. It’s also partnering with GFinity for eSports action.