Madden NFL 21 revealed through trailer, talk about new features

Although none of us expected any different, Madden NFL 21 is a thing, and it’s once again set for an August release.

Earlier today, EA Sports revealed the next iteration of its venerable football series, and did so by releasing a trailer. However, fans will be happy to hear that a trailer wasn’t the only thing Electronic Arts let out of its proverbial vault. The company also shared box art, information about different editions and early access, and details pertaining to the game’s new features.

The most notable new addition is a skill stick input, which will give players control of pass/rush moves and defensive combos. You’ll also be able to use it to chain evasive moves, and will find that it’s been implemented into ball carrier abilities as well.

A playable, documentary style campaign mode, will also be available to those with interest. Through it, players will be able to take a League newcomer all the way to the Hall of Fame, provided things go well and his performance ends up being stellar. It’s been said that this mode may also include working one’s way toward the NFL from high school on, but we haven’t received confirmation on that bit of information.

Adding on to the above, EA Tiburon has also promised more than 50 superstar and ‘x-factor’ abilities, new Ultimate Team rewards, adaptive AI adjustments and even more realistic tackling.

Madden NFL 21 will snap its digitized balls on August 28th. However, three days’ worth of early access will be given to anyone who pre-orders the game’s MVP Edition. That as well as: a Lamar Jackson elite item with power-up, a large quicksell training pack, 17 Madden Ultimate Team Gold Team Fantasy Packs, a Madden Championship Series Ultimate Champion Pack, 1 of 32 players from an NFL Teams Elite Pack, and a Your Choice uniform pack.

When it does release, Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson, will grace its cover.