DiRT 5 gets new, narrated career trailer, and a release date

It’s looking like DiRT 5 will be very different from its most recent predecessor, which had a lot less personality than those before it. In fact, it seems as if the series’ next iteration will be a lot like the first four, which were so full of colour, energy and attitude that they oozed each one.

Today has brought with it a brand new trailer for the racer, and it’s all about the expansive career mode. Featuring narration by Troy Baker and Nolan North, it showcases some of the more than 130 events you’ll take part in throughout the campaign. This includes lots of colourful and action-packed off-road racing, over the course of five narrative chapters, each of which will end with a 1v1 challenge.

If you haven’t heard, Baker will voice the player’s mentor, while North will portray your rival.

You can see gameplay from some of DiRT 5‘s nine different race types below:

As to when you’ll be able to play this game: According to Codemasters, DiRT 5 will be released on the ninth of October. At least that’s when the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions will drop. The arcade racer will also hit Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 at a later date.