DOOM Eternal’s ‘The Ancient Gods’ campaign DLC gets revealed through a trailer

Did you think that you’d finished the battle against the forces of Hell once the credits rolled at the end of DOOM Eternal? Well, you didn’t. The incredibly difficult shooter is apparently being extended by new campaign DLC, which is called ‘The Ancient Gods.’ It will also apparently release in parts, because today’s reveal trailer has ‘Part One’ in its title.

It seems that what we did during the game’s base campaign has caused Hell’s ‘true ruler’ to rise and want revenge. That certainly doesn’t sound good.

Granted, this is just a teaser trailer, meaning a full one is heading our way soon. We’ll have to wait until August 27th, though, because that’s when it will drop. At 2pm EST, to be specific.

Sorry, but we don’t know when the DLC itself will actually release. We’re going to have to reinstall the game and get ready for more insanely difficult shooting, though.