NBA 2K21 (and several other big titles) will soon be added to Xbox Game Pass

Basketball is heading Game Pass‘ way, and will do so in the form of NBA 2K21. The ever popular sports game’s addition was just announced via the Xbox Wire, and should make lots of people happy.

When will this occur? Well, according to the article, one of 2K’s most popular titles will join Game Pass on March 4th. Thus, those with interest will only have to wait a day or less.

Also worth noting is the fact that NBA 2K21 is currently on sale for $26.39 Canadian. This sale is set to end in 9 hours. However, if you have Game Pass there’s no need to buy the full game at this point.

EDIT: Also coming to Xbox Game Pass: Star Wars: Squadrons (Console), NHL 21 (Console), Madden 21 (Console) & Football Manager 2021 (Console and PC)