Get schooled by this Outriders 101 trailer

During today’s ‘flagship digital showcase,’ Square Enix released two new trailers for Outriders. This follows what the publisher said was a very successful demo, which drew over two million players.

The first trailer is called ‘Appreciate Power,’ and it’s all CGI. Visually impressive and large in scale, it’s an introduction to the game’s story, and is appreciated.

The real draw, though, is the new Outriders 101 trailer, which provides a narrative deep dive into this new IP. Through it you’ll learn the basics, as well as some tricks of the proverbial trade. It comes in at six and a half minutes in length.

A ‘high intensity RPG shooter,’ Outriders is being developed by Bulletstorm‘s People Can Fly. It promises a 30+ hour long campaign, and is set to release on April first.